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My main account is:



Welcome to my brand new stock account! I am posting textures, items, backgrounds, and other things. For now, I'm too young to post my own pictures, so I'll save all of that for when I'm ready.

R U L E S !!!

Please give credit when credit is due. The stock is mine, not yours.
• You may use my stock to create your own resources (textures, brushes, etc.), as long as I am given credit.
• You may use my stock for art outside dA only after you ask my permission.
• Send me a note if you need to ask permission for commercial usage of my stock.
• Add a note/comment when you use my stock and post it. I want to see everything you make so I can :+fav: it. :B
• I hereby give permission to artists of DeviantArt to make prints available of images in which my stock in used.

~:3 Nina
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